Tax Refund (Non EU)

Tax Refund for Non EU customers
Top Bikes provides all the information and correct invoice to receive a tax refund for customers from outside the EU. Our international customers can ask a refund at the special counters at the airport when leaving the country and they will provide the correct stamps and processing of the documents. In most cases you receive the tax refund in cash or on a creditcard.

  • Saves up to 18%
  • We advice and guide you

What to do when buying at Top Bikes:
When you are are a non-EU resident, mention the tax refund at the counter. We will provide the correct receipt and put the transaction on your name. You pay the full amount including the 21% tax in the shop. When leaving the Netherlands you can go to one of the VAT return desks on the airport. (, Globalblue). They will do the processing and stamping of all the documents.

If you have questions about the Tax refund for non-eu residents, you are always welcome to contact us or visit our shop.
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